Thursday, March 7, 2013

dreadlocks for Elloree

I just came back from an estate sale half a block from my house. I scored a 200-year-old money bracelet from Ghana with a bunch of other costume jewelry for $20. I researched the bracelet when I got home and found others like it worth $700! But my favorite find was a collection of accordian-folded garlands. The woman in charge of the sale was going to throw them away and let me have them free. The lady who had lived there had made the garlands to cover her windows. She had lined the varying lengths of folded paper on hangers, arrayed along a curtain rod. I used to see her at her mailbox when I'd walk by with my dog, and she always said, "What a handsome dog." I can picture her folding strips of paper from magazines to make the garlands. I think they'll make excellent party decorations. In the meantime, I've hung them on Elloree's antlers.

like a stag in a paper shop

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