Saturday, March 2, 2013

Call me Wallace.

You know when you're sitting around with a person or people and one of you laughs so forcefully you audibly fart? I find that hilarious. I can't keep from laughing. So the other day, Mike and I are sitting around, and this subject comes up, and I say, "Farts are never not any any language." Then I say, "Oh my god, I have to make a site that translates fart into every language." Mike says, "There's probably one already. Remember baconwater? Remember Pornterest?" And of course there's already a site. Or an app. If you have a eureka moment, as sure as dogs love baconwater, someone has already not only had the same idea but has also implemented it. There will always be a Darwin to your Wallace.

You're never too evolved..

1 comment:

  1. Farts are only funny until someone gets hurt. So, don't run while you fart; you could put someone's eye out.