Saturday, July 10, 2010

doves resting on the waves

A late Victorian cut steel belt buckle is halved into yin and yang or paisley swirls and integrated into the steel and brushed-silver-plate chain of this necklace. A large antique sterling spring clip from a watch chain holds an antique steel key and a token made from an 1886 Seated Liberty dime, sporting the initials CM or MC.

Poem, by Frank O'Hara

The little roses, the black majestic sails
of their promise! or is it a dove paralyzing the air?
Where vessels fled across the water, there
a railroad was constructed by the few remaining birds
and it was called "Heliotrope, Aldebaran, Cous-cous."
For the time, for the afternoon of their accomplishment,
the roses rested--and that they were doves resting on the waves
became known to them, as the sail knows the air it fills.

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