Sunday, May 20, 2012

Pig Like That

That's one distressed pig. Or maybe he's just loudly making a point. He hangs below a sunburst pewter button that hangs in turn from vintage steel chains. The necklace clasps at the side with an antique silver or silver-plated spring clasp. 

--vintage pot-metal pig, hollow, with 3.5 legs. Seems upset about something. One inch by one half inch
--vintage pewter button, one inch, no shank
--vintage steel jack chain from a watch fob
--vintage steel beaded rosary chain
--antique silver spring clip
--sterling MGA logo tag


Bad Joke (apologies in advance)

A city guy visits a country guy, who proudly gives the city guy a tour of the farm...silos, cribs, coops, paddocks, sty. At the sty, city guy looks over and sees a pig with three legs. The pig is splendid, rosy and clean.

"Why does that pig have only three legs?" asks city guy.

"Oh," says country guy, "there's a story for you. One time in the dead of night, we heard the screen door banging hard and ran down to see what the ruckus was, and there was that pig. Then we smelled smoke and realized the house was on fire. That there pig's a hero!"

"Okay," says city guy, "but what happened to his leg?"

"Then another time," country guy continues, "my boy was out front of the house. He'd gone after his cat and was sitting there playing with it in the middle of the road, when out of nowhere, that pig comes rushing at him and shoves him into the ditch. Second later, a big ol' truck comes barrelin' down the road. That pig saved my boy's life. That pig's a hero!"

"Okay, okay, but why's he got only three legs?"

"Well...a pig like that you don't eat all at once."

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