Thursday, April 22, 2010

Defining a Moment

I took a couple of pieces in to work today. I'd asked Brandon if I could shoot him wearing them. Brandon is not only cute, he's an absolutely wonderful person. Enough good things cannot happen to Brandon fast enough. Here's Brandon wearing Sundry Dangles and Far Pavilions. That has a nice ring to it, huh? Or does it sound like a cologne? Hey, have you seen that cologne commercial with the guy on a boat, then on a white horse? He says at the end, "I'm on a horse." It kills me. Normally, I never see commercials because of TiVo, but we're transitioning to high-def; we have the TV now, but not the recorder, so we watch things live sometimes to experience the def. My photos of Brandon could definitely use more def. But isn't he swell?

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